Herbs, Continued

Speaking of herbs…we planted a small herb garden this year, without putting much thought into it.  And it did really poorly.  The cilantro and dill bolted almost immediately.  The basil looked near death from the moment we put it in the ground.  We had about two sprigs of chives come up.  All the other seeds we planted never showed.  I kind of just let it go, figuring it was a lost cause this year.

After I wrote that last entry, I went out to the garden to pick some lavender, which we had planted last year and somehow survived being buried under two feet of snow all winter.  And amongst all the weeds, I noticed that at some point between the last time I checked  the garden had started THRIVING!  The basil had grown huge and had actually re-seeded itself.  The dill that bolted early had also re-seeded successfully and there were hundreds of baby dill plants scattered about.  The oregano and thyme I thought were goners were doing well too.   I pulled out all the weeds and was amazed at my herb garden rebirth.

Just goes to show that sometimes the best gardening methods are just to let nature run its course…



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