Backyard exploration

Yesterday was just the most beautiful fall day, a welcome interlude between two dreadful rainstorms.  So naturally I spent as much time outdoors as possible, exploring and documenting everything I saw…

The black gum in my backyard seems to be the first to start to change colors.

A teeny tiny gray tree frog has taken up residence among my mint plant on the patio.

One of the several green frogs inhabiting my backyard pond.

Stumbled across a native cranefly orchid growing right in my backyard!  Sometimes the leaf is green on top, but it always has the distinctive bright purple underside.  The single leaf appears this time of year, will grow all winter, and wither by spring, after which the flower will bloom in mid-summer.

Shell (carapace) of a former box turtle.  A common species in this region that is sadly in decline due to habitat loss.

Some wetlands controlling the flood waters…definitely needed after this week’s rain!

I believe this is wintergreen, an attractive native (and edible) groundcover.

My dog is thoroughly enjoying our walk in the woods.

I hope everyone is getting outside to enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts!



4 thoughts on “Backyard exploration

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  2. Maggie

    The plant you have pictured is actually partridgeberry- edible too, but not in the same ways. You can use the mealy, tasteless berries as filler mixed with other, stronger berries. Tea from the leaves has been used medicinally, but I don’t really remember how… 🙂


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