Snow day!

It’s a snowy day for many of us here on the east coast!  Before the reality of shoveling sets in (if it hasn’t already), take a moment to whip up something warm and hearty and enjoy it with some hot chocolate by the fire.

Here are a few ideas from my archives…

Of course you can’t go wrong with a pot of vegetable soup, but for a different take on it try some slippery dumplings in a veggie stew.  Is there really anything better than giant boiled noodles?  Chili is another favorite of mine on cold nights, as is the thick creaminess of risotto.  The curry spices in this butternut squash soup will also warm you up as much as the soup itself.

Last night I made some slippery dumplings, followed by some spicy Aztec hot chocolate (my new obsession), and it was just the perfect way to welcome the snowflakes.  What are your favorite recipes to enjoy as the snow is falling?



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