It’s time to start your 2011 vegetable garden

It’s April!  And after a few disappointing weeks of unseasonably cold and rainy (and SNOWY!) weather, things are finally starting to look up.  What better way to greet 70 degree days than with some work in the garden?

A few weeks ago we planted some flats of seedlings and they are starting to really take off.  Next month we’ll put them in the ground, and in the meantime we’re keeping busy with preparing.

We’ve cleared out the remnants of last summer’s harvest and will start constructing some new raised beds. They worked well for us last year, so we want to add two or three more.

In addition, we’ve removed some shrubs and plants from a hillside — one of the last remaining full-sun areas of our yard —  and are terracing it to plant some more decorative yet edible greens — such as Swiss chard and Tuscan kale. I hope it will be complete by next weekend and I can get the seeds in the ground before it’s too late!

We’ve cleaned out our herb garden too and have planted a bunch of seeds.  I honestly don’t even remember which ones now!   The lavender is still kicking and the chives have returned on their own as well.

And if you recall, last fall I stuck some broccoli and kale in the ground.  They didn’t quite reach maturity before winter, but three plants each persisted tenaciously through the cold and snow, and as soon as the weather was somewhat consistently in the 50s, new leaves and growth starting bursting up.  I hope I’ll be able to harvest them soon!

I can’t wait for everything to start taking shape.  What are you planting this year?



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