Well the spring has just flown by and I really need to make up for some lost time!  Luckily I have had the opportunity this holiday weekend to indulge in one of my favorite early summer traditions — going totally crazy in the kitchen with STRAWBERRIES!

Is there really anything better in life than enjoying a freshly picked strawberry on that first summery evening?  Strawberry season here in Maryland seems to usher in the summer so perfectly, before the weather gets unbearably hot and the mosquitoes intolerable, and it is something of a tradition of Mr. R and I to head to a local farm and pick an unreasonable amount of them.

Various cultivars of strawberry, which are part of the rose family, are grown worldwide, but the variety you are probably most familiar with is a hybrid of Fragaria virginiana, native to, as the name suggests, North America.

So in celebration of this wonderful fruit, I will now post some of my favorite recipes that we make every year in an effort to use up our obscene number of strawberries.  Enjoy!





2 thoughts on “STRAWBERRY MANIA!

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