Summer 2011 vegetable garden

How is your vegetable garden doing so far this year?  We have greatly expanded ours and so far, so good!

We added four more raised beds — two on top of the hill and two terraced on the side.

We’ve planted a bunch of tomato plants — I don’t even remember how many, we accidentally planted too many.  There are some hybrids and heirlooms in the mix so we’ll see how they do.

We also have a bunch of peppers.  As well as some lima beans, zucchini, pumpkins, and cucumbers.

On the side of the hill I have planted some sunflowers and swiss chard.


Each plant seems to be growing at different rates so I put some animal repellent on the remaining chard which hopefully will keep the deer at bay.  We’ll see.  It’s always a little hit or miss.

My herb garden is going crazy though.  The lavender just keeps on going.  It is huge now and really attracts those pollinators!

Aside from a few little cherry tomatoes, the garden hasn’t really started producing yet — just looks like it’s on the verge.  I can’t wait until the summer’s bounty begins!



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