A year of Bounteous

Well the one-year anniversary of starting this blog, August 18, came and went with hardly any notice on my part!

A little walk down memory lane…

First post:  Squash blossoms!

Total number of posts:  124

Total number of views:  11,351

Busiest day: 331 views on May 31, 2011 (I guess my strawberry shortcake recipe was quite popular!)

Most commented post:  Chocolate-pumpkin bundt cake with ganache drizzle.

I know I’ve not been nearly as prolific as I once was — I started this project as a way to keep myself busy when I didn’t have much else going on, and now, life has gotten much fuller and it’s hard to keep up.  But I’m still just as passionate about food, cooking, nature, and health as I always have been, so there will always be new things to write!

Many thanks to all my readers and subscribers for keeping me inspired!  What things would you like to read about for the next year of Bounteous?



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