Handmade dishcloths

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2011 was to learn how to knit.  It is a useful skill that keeps my hands busy, with an end product that is actually practical for yourself or as a gift.  Those looking to find ways to cut back on waste, reduce the consumerism in your life and gain a greater sense of self-reliance can also take pride in creating handmade items themselves!

There are countless resources online to teach yourself knitting.  knittinghelp.com has a ton of videos that demonstrate the basics, and there are many other videos and tutorials just a google search away.

Like many others  my first project was a scarf out of an alpaca blend.  When I first completed it, I thought I’d tuck it away in a far corner of my closet because it was so ugly.  Ha.  But it was so soft, stretchy and squishy that I actually find it is the perfect scarf to wrap myself in now that the weather is getting cold.

My next project was inspired by a blog post that I cannot, for the life of me, find anywhere.  Dishcloths.  So practical, so simple, and to my surprise — an abundance of patterns.  They are great for washing dishes and wiping off countertops.  And they’re machine washable!  The yarn is cheap and makes about 2 dishcloths per ball.

I’ve been using this ramen noodle dishcloth pattern — great for a beginner like me to get used to knitting and purling together.

You can also transform your dishcloth into a dish scrubber by weaving in strands of tulle (here is a tutorial).

If you have been intrigued by knitting before, just give it a try!  There is really no reason not to.



2 thoughts on “Handmade dishcloths

  1. k.m.

    Welcome, new knitter! It is now my duty to direct you to ravelry.com…it’s a knitter and crocheter’s wonderland, full of (many free) patterns, advice, and more 🙂

    Your dishcloths are really cute! I have a few and they are so handy. I should knit some more soon actually.


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