An early start to spring?

It hit 80° at BWI today.  There are tulips blooming outside of my office.  Now I can tell you that there are usually tulips blooming when my birthday comes around…in mid-April.  So I guess we are a month ahead in weather this year!

Another way we’re a month ahead — last week I totally harvested the broccoli and kale I planted in my old garden this fall.  I checked the photos I took of my garden last year — yep, date stamp of April 3.  Crazy!

I actually got a SECOND crop of broccoli this past weekend.  I had chopped off the large heads the first time around, and sure enough they came back with enough little heads to make another meal.

(Please excuse the bad iphone photo…why do I ever go anywhere without my camera?!)

And the beautiful Russian red kale was absolutely abundant.

I picked a whole grocery bag full the other week, made some pasta with kale and lentils and still had some left over to freeze for some green monster smoothies (more on that later!)  And came back this past weekend for yet another batch.  Barely looked picked over.

Normally these cold weather vegetables sort of just survive all winter…go dormant.  But I am pretty sure these have been actively growing all winter.  It’s a little disconcerting, for sure…but hey, I’m not one to complain about an early demise to winter blues!

It’s time to start working out in the garden again — and in my new house, there is a lot of work to be done.  A LOT.  So I’m excited to get my hands dirty, but I know I need to avoid overextending myself and expecting perfection right away — I don’t even know how much sun I’ll get all summer!  Lots of old oak trees in my town…

Has spring come early in your backyard?


2 thoughts on “An early start to spring?

  1. kidsdiggardens

    We have had a wonderful hint of spring here in Vermont – a high of 60 degrees today! That’s as close to summer as I could ever expect to see in March. I’m still skeptical of the weather, but I’ll begin digging into my garden soon enough…
    Beautiful kale- that’s my favorite winter salad green!


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