Garden magic

This yard looks like it has been neglected for a long time, but there are so many amazing surprises that pop up now that spring has sprung early here in the midatlantic.  I’m discovering new things every day!

The dogwood in my front yard has PINK blossoms!  So cool!  Nevermind that it’s March 31 and the dogwoods are blooming…

Here is a flower still unfurling…


Good news:  the lily of the valley is starting to bloom!  Can’t wait to take in its intoxicating fragrance…

Bad news:  there is a LOT of this poisonous plant — more than I want in my front yard — and it’s going to be a pain to remove!

It looks like these azaleas might have white blossoms?

Beautiful iris!

I have no idea what this is.  Any clue?

I’m not sure what this one is either…though there’s my last blooming daffodil in the background!

A line of hostas has popped up along the shed!

Wisteria.  So lovely.

And finally, the last of my forsythia still in bloom.

I HEART spring!



6 thoughts on “Garden magic

  1. Kathy

    First unknown could be bluebells… Second I don’t know. I will try to remember to show my mom the photos later this week to see if she knows.

  2. Kate Mitchell

    I love all of your flowers. I guess your dad told you that Mom Ree had a beautiful Pink Dogwood. The 2nd flower looks like Freesia. Don’t be so hard on the Lily of the Valley. I wish I had some. Happy Spring- Aunt Kate

    1. bounteous Post author

      Aw thanks! He did not tell me that, but I do seem to remember him telling me that lily of the valley reminds him of someone’s house growing up, but I don’t recall who…come and get some of mine! It’s everywhere!


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