Classic French crêpes

I know I often go on about my love of crepes, and I’ve written about some different takes on them…here and here…but have I ever actually shared my go-to recipe for classic crepes?  I don’t think so!

Crepes are the perfect centerpiece for any brunch, and with Easter Sunday just behind us and Mother’s day around the corner, not to mention graduations, weddings and bridal showers this time of year, it is surely high brunch season.  But you don’t really need any excuse to enjoy the deliciousness that are crepes.  We made these for a family gathering on Easter weekend and the best part of all, is that whether you like your brunches sweet or savory, there is something for everyone here.

One thing I must reveal is that I really hate pancakes.  Never have liked them.  I know, how un-American of me, especially considering how much I love crepes.  But they are just so light and delicate and go well with such a variety of accompaniments.  Can’t say that about pancakes!

With such a quintessential French food, it is unwise to try and improve on the traditional recipe (unless you’re vegan, go here…and I’ve heard of but not tried some gluten free versions with buckwheat as well).  So I stick to the master:  Julia Child.  This recipe is easy enough for a beginner and has never failed me:

Julia Child:  Crêpes fines sucrées at Epicurious

You don’t necessarily need a crepe pan to make these; just a large skillet.  The first few take a little practice, and don’t be afraid to use your fingers to help flip them, but soon enough you’ll get the hang of it.

Be creative in what you choose to serve them with, but keep it simple.  We set up a bar where people could pick and choose their own creations:

Nutella (duh)
Fresh berries
Creme fraiche
Homemade strawberry Jam

Sauteed swiss chard
Sauteed mushrooms
Caramelized onions
Shredded Gruyère
Creamy gruyère sauce

Creme fraiche and fresh jam rolled together in a crepe is my absolute favorite — the creme just cuts the sweetness of the jam so perfectly, it is simply amazing.  You can find it at more specialty grocery stores, like Whole Foods.

Some other ideas that come to mind — broccoli and cheese, asparagus spears, spinach or other greens, bechamel sauce…be creative!

Oh, SO GOOD… and so much fun to make and share.



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