It’s strawberry season!

That’s right — a little early this year, so get thee to your nearest strawberry patch!

I am usually not expecting strawberry season to be in full swing until later in May/early June, but the news that berries are approaching their peak this week means it’s time to cancel all plans and make room for strawberries.  I went by myself on my day off and picked as many as I could carry in my two arms!

Luckily it could not have been a more beautiful day.

I plan to make strawberry jam, as I do every year, but strawberry shortcake is always good too!

Then, as though I still haven’t had enough of strawberries…I went and picked myself up one of those strawberry grow bags for my backyard.

I was so intrigued by the idea of growing strawberries in containers as seen here at Garden Therapy.  I just had to try.  I thought it would be impossible to grow strawberries in my little yard with an even littler patch of full sunlight.  But this might be POSSIBLE.

I picked up 5 plants before I knew how many holes my bag would have…need to go get some more!  They were 10 for $10 at my nursery!

I chose an everbearing variety that should produce gradually all summer long and possibly even into the fall.  June bearing is more common, however, and necessary if your goal is to grow lots of strawberries at once to use in recipes.  They produce in one prolific burst this time of year.

Strawberries are perennials, for a few years at least, and will overwinter.  My dad, who taught me everything I know about vegetable gardening, always instructed me to pull the blossoms off the first year.  This obviously prevents berry formation the first year, and requires delayed satisfaction.  Hard, I know.  But if you’re growing in a garden bed and ultimately want lots of berries, it is better to do this as it promotes the growth and health of the foliage.

For container gardening, there is obviously no point to this, so I think I will forgo this little piece of advice this year.

I am not totally convinced I get adequate sunlight in my backyard now that the trees have fully leafed out.  So we’ll see how well these do.  If strawberries don’t work out, these bags can be used for growing all kinds of things in small spaces, so I’ll just have to learn and adapt.  Such is gardening.  Such is life.



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